Commit Random Acts of Kindness

A few doors down from us lives the Fushia Goddess, a lovely aging hippy with ramshackle teeth and sparkly eyes. Her  husband – John – is just as gorgeous. He is as  tall as she is short. His hair is the same length as hers but while she lets it hang loosely over her shoulders, he knots it up into a wild grey bun.

Since we all moved to the village, here is what I have gathered about John. He …  

1. Carves drums in a workshop tucked at the back of his house

2. Reads the Telegraph

3. Wears brown leather sandals all year round

4. Helped found some crazy New Age commune in Europe  

5. Drives a dusty, beaten up old Volvo and on the back of it is a sticker that says “Commit Random Acts of Kindness.”

Whenever I walk past John’s car, that sticker leaps out at me. It’s yellow and red and it demands to be seen.

Yesterday as I gave it a sideways glance, I started to think about when I last committed a random act of kindness … I remember once, just after Dad died, I’d been on my way to the church. I stopped at a shop to grab some flowers, but rather than buying one bunch of tulips I thought I’d get two and then mix them up to lay on Dad’s stone. As the woman behind the till took my money, the thought occured to me,  “Dad wouldn’t want me to waste all these flowers on his stone. If he were here he’d have given one bunch away … just for the sake of it.”

As I came out of the shop, anotehr customer was climbing into her car.

“Excuse me!” I hurried over. “I was just buying these flowers to take to a church, but I’d rather give one bunch away. Would you like them?”

At this the point the woman’s face relaxed and she started to laugh. “How perfect!” she said, “I am just on my way to see a friend who is ill. I’ll give them to her and I’ll tell her the story of how I got them.”  

After that I became quite a proactive random kindness do-er, but over the last few months it has kind of petered out. However now that the sun is shining and spring is in the air, I think I may start committing random acts again. I feel all secretive, fun and excited just by thinking about it and already have an idea of what I’m going to do!

Have you ever commited random acts of kindness?

Has anything bizarre ever happened?

Has anyone ever flatly refused to accept your random act?

Do you agree with commiting random acts of kindness?


2 thoughts on “Commit Random Acts of Kindness

  1. that’s so funny I totally noticed that sticker yesterday and it made me think the same thing! i have a book called ‘the kindness of strangers’ i’ll find it for you! …remember the homeless butcher in lincoln?! xx

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