Cosmic Ordering

A couple of years ago I had a conversation with someone about Cosmic Ordering.

The girl said that each times she goes shopping, she will always “order” her parking space from the Universe first. She does this by setting an intention – in other words knowing that it will be there. Next she visualises her space and finally she gives thanks for receiving it. And all this happens right before she has even started up the ignition.


When she’d finished telling me about Cosmic Ordering, I said, “So that’s Cosmic Ordering? I always called it Fred.”

“Fred?” She looked at me like I was mad.


“Yeah, Fred. He was my dad’s parking space angel, but when Dad died I put Fred to work doing some other stuff too.”

Okay, so before this starts to sound COMPLETELY bizarre (I know – it already does!) let me explain. When my brother  and I were kids, Dad used to collect us from school and sometimes we’d need to stop off in town on the way home. Often, due to all the rush hour traffic, town was always jam packed and finding a parking space was practically impossible.


However, Dad had this little game, which fascinated us kids. As we approached the town, he would say out aloud “Space please Fred! Thank you!”

We would demand to know who Fred was, but Dad’s lips were buttoned. And guess what? We always got a space. The parking space wouldn’t show up nearby to where Dad wanted to go … it would appear Exactly Outside the bank or chemist, or wherever it was we wanted to stop.


 It was amazing, incredible, bizarre and baffling. 

As soon as I learned to drive I too would use Fred to get parking spaces – but being a little pathetic when it came to reverse parking, I’d always say “Space please Fred … and make it big enough for me to pull straight into! Thank you darling.” Fred always provided without fail … to the point where Andrew and the children started to use him too.

A few years later, when Dad died, I inherited two things from him.

The first thing was his soprano saxophone, which now sits in a hallowed place in my front room. One day I intend to become a sexy, solitary saxophonist, but that’s another story. The second thing I inherited was Fred. Well, actually, I grabbed him and decided that he was going to be part of our family whether her liked it or not. I also decided to promote Fred and see if he couldn’t perform other miracles, besides getting extra wide parking spaces.


It turned out he could.

One Christmas I made a list of everything that I wanted from my dream home. This included location, style of property, number of bedrooms, amount of light, style of windows, sea views, roll top bath and just for good measure … interesting neighbours. I wanted to find the place within a month so I asked Fred (politely) to go and get it.


Towards the end of January I attended a course with a children’s writer. The village that the course was taking place in happened to be the location for my dream house, but I’d forgotten that at the time.

The writer’s house was gorgeous … a quirky, Victorian mansion tucked into the cliff, with rabbit warren rooms and distinctive style. During the break we were asked to go and find a quiet spot – and we were welcome to use the top apartment which was currently empty. I wandered up to this empty apartment and found myself in my dream home! My dream windows looked out across the treetops to the sea. The kitchen was to die for and shockingly, heart-stoppingly-  there was a roll top bath in the bathroom! There were three large bedooms, a higgledy-piggledy garden … it ahd everything I’d asked for.


“How is it that you have access to this place?” I asked the writer when he came up.

“It’s mine. I’m selling it,” he replied.


It was all I could do to not run at him, grab him by the shirt and demand that he sell it to me there and then. Managing to  stay reasonable calm, I asked, “how much?”

He told me the price … and would you believe it? The flat was selling for exactly the amount that I had specified to Fred. In fact, the only thing that I hadn’t specified to Fred was that the house would still be available to buy.

Yep, that’s right. A sale was about to be agreed on my dream house and there was nothing I could do about it.


Since then I have been very careful as to what I ask Fred for – and how I ask him – and generally he delivers exactly that. Some of the things have been so miraculous that several friends and family members have borrowed Fred and started to use his services too.

He seems particularly good at helping people win cars/money/prizes. He’s also great at making your luggage come out first when you’ve touched down in an airport. He has since manifested a home that if far, far superior to the one I missed out on before.  


Fred is available for everyone to use. So, if you haven’t heard of Cosmic Ordering, or it sounds just a little too way out … why not give Fred a go? Okay, okay, I know the whole thing is weird and crazy, but why not try it and see what happens? All you have to do is …


1. Be really clear about exactly what you want and ask for it


2. Say a massive thank you to Fred in advance.


3. Let go, but become open to receiving the thing you have asked for at the perfect time.


3 thoughts on “Cosmic Ordering

  1. I adored this post Bethan…I have to ask, so did Fred manage to sort out another house?! Have you read Louise hay also? Similar thinking. What a wonderful, heart lifting post! thank you, k P.S. I’ve got a wee experiment in play, will keep you posted 🙂

    • Hello …. thanks for dropping by and in answer to your question”yes Fred did!” Except, I requested this place in a slightly different way … I drew an A3 picture of myself sitting at my desk next to a huge bay window. Outside was a wild, tangled garden with sea views and an old stone wall. I put it on my fridge and thought little more of it. Then, about two months later I was driving through a gorgeous little village and saw a house for sale. I thought, “I’d love to live here in this village, but I’d much rather one of those places around the corner!” As I drove up and turned the corner, I saw a For Sale sign peeking out of the hedge of the house I’d been thinking of. Three months later it was ours! On the day we moved in, I was helping lift a sofa and suddenly I stopped dead. The window was exactly as I had drawn it in my picture! The garden was The Garden! I’m still amazed by this even now …

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