Untangling Your Art


Today the entire sky is cornflower blue. Daffodils splash the verges with shocking yellow. The sea is a mirror of still azure, kissing the pale haze of the horizon. Tourists and locals alike have emerged from their hotels and houses and are picking their way along rocky coves, peeling off their socks to press their toes into cold, moist sands as they lean back into stripy deckchairs. 

Summer seems to have let herself in and I have abandoned everything!

For the last few days I have propped open the stable doors with a giant ammonite, letting the sunbeams and the warmth flood shamelessly in. I have spent many hours with my rear end poking in the air whilst I weed the flowerbeds and fill terracotta pots with gaudy red geraniums. Each morning, the children and I have hurried down to our favourite cove, to clamber on the rocks, look for the donkey in the meadow and drink hot chocolate before the tourists start to trickle through. 

And as the warmth of the new season cajoles me out of my winter hibernation, away from my pad and my laptop, I can feel something shifting within me. I feel like a fisherman who, after a long winter of capturing fresh ideas and stories in her net, now needs to pull these nets into the sunshine and let them sit, dry out, be still for a while. 

With each day spent pottering in the garden, planting flowers or dabbing nautical colours into my pad, I am feeling my inner nets – the goals, visions, plans I’ve accumulated over the winter months – all starting to loosen. My mind is unclenching itself, helping the stories to breath again. The creative blockages are dissolving. The river is beginning to flow. It’s such a good feeling …

In order for our creativity to remain rich and fluid, there needs to be time for rest. Similar to a cake left to bake, there are times when we have to leave our novels or works of art alone. 

Do you find it easy to step away from your creative endeavours?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your project/s?

Which activities do you use to rest or keep your art untangled?


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