Creative Inspiration

In a mnth or so I am off on holiday to Sicily. I am itching to explore the old towns and villages, loaded up with pens and pads, paints and inks as well as a new camera bought specially for this trip.  

But what I’m looking forward to more than anything is the journey into my Self.

When we meander through new places, experience new cultures, explore beaches or simply relax in a foreign room, we are provided with the perfect opportunity to realign ourselves with what we truly want from life. We are given the rare freedom to step out of the complexities of day to day life and instead experience the “here and now” and all the inspired potential that it holds.

Nearly all of my “published” work has been written in exotic locations. In fact, the idea for my first children’s book came to me whilst on my honeymoon in France. I had to literally sit down by this ancient chapel, the dry grasses prickling my legs and the butterflies landing on my back and start writing …. No, Andrew wasn’t impressed … But luckily he knows what I’m like.

New lands, with new sights, smells, atmospheres and experiences feed your inner self. They allow you to discover new landscapes within your heart and mind.

Which places have inspired you most in the past?

Is there anywhere special that you go to think, imagine or put pen to paper?


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