The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Meditation

I have been practising meditation on and off since I was a teenager. In my early twenties I was introduced to TM – Transcendental Meditation – and played with this technique for several years. TM, which was popularised in the West by the Beatles, is a powerful form of meditation. It’s been proven to be between one and eight times more beneficial to health than any other meditation or relaxation technique.

 The challenge I found with TM was managing to fit it in twice a day. When you have two small children, committing to even getting out the house once a day can be almost impossible, let alone spending two twenty minute sessions in meditations. 

Sometimes I would find myself sitting on the stairs that led to the front door, trying to meditate, repeating my mantra in my head, whilst all I’d hear was the Telly Tubbies music in the background. It was impossible! 

Other times I would literally leave the house and go and sit in the car. Unfortunately the driveway faced someone else’s house  and I’d often open my eyes to find bemused neighbours peering at me whilst hanging out their washing. 

My final attempt to practise TM led me to running baths and literally sinking my head down beneath the water so all I’d hear would be my own heart beat or the clink of the plug chain on enamel. Again, this wasn’t realistic. Having a bath twice a day is for princesses and those who have the luxury of boredom … not full time mums.

Now I have found a slightly different – albeit lazy – way to meditate. Rather than practising TM, I have begun using a system called Holosync. Holosync consists of what sounds like tranquil music and sounds, but is embedded with much subtler frequencies. These frequencies have a profound effect on human brain waves, helping the listener to reach deep states of meditation quickly and easily … and without much effort. I discovered Holosync back in January around the time I posted on Brain Balance. Now, as part of my Daily Meditation Good Habit, I’m using Holosync every day.

Okay, in truth I feel like a bit of a meditation cheat … but until my children have grown up and left home and I have the chance to go and sit on a rock by the sea in India, “Omming” for hours …  short cuts will just have to do.  

Ten Gorgeous Meditation Facts

1. A recent study found that a group of 50-year-olds showed a 12-year decrease in biological age after practising meditation for five years.

2. Regular meditation has consistently been shown to decrease emotional problems such as anxiety, aggression and depression.

3. The Swedish Natural Health Board did a huge study on the effects of meditation. What they discovered was that psychiatric hospital admissions were much less common among people who practise meditation than among the general public.

4. Clinical experience and research has shown meditation to reduce stress related disorders, such as migraines and anxiety and asthma.

5. Meditation is proven to increase attention span, perception, and memory whilst also improving verbal and analytical thinking.

6. A study carried out over five years found that among people who meditated regularly, there were 87% fewer hospitalizations for heart disease, 55% fewer tumours and 73% fewer throat and lung problems.


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