How To Receive Gorgeousness Guidance

In my book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness, I talk about taking guidance from your Inner Gorgeousness. 

I was first introduced to stream-of-consciousness writing about eight years ago, after reading Julia Cameron’s fantastic book, The Artist’s Way. For those who aren’t familiar with The Artists Way, Cameron suggests using a tool called Morning Pages. The basic idea is that each morning, before you do anything else, you write three pages of long-hand stuff.

This stuff can be anything. It can be your gripes, your worries, your fears, your challenges. It can be a flow of jobs that you’ve got to do that day. Anything that flows into your head, can then flow out of your pen and onto the page in a kind of “brain-draining” exercise. Cameron says that these pages don’t have to be read … they’re simply a mind cleansing process.

I began using Morning Pages and I used them in earnest. What I soon discovered was that, when I had a problem, if I kept writing, a different, deeper aspect of my Self would reply. The replies I received were often wise and almost enlightened. Sometimes they were so “beyond” what I consciously thought and would bring me to such startlingly higher conclusions, that I started to use the process of Morning Pages as a kind of prayer.

Gradually my Morning Pages evolved from a rambling rant into a conversation with this Deeper Self. Since then I have come to view these interactions as an important part of my decision making and inspirational process. I still rant and ramble and ask frequent mundane questions, but now I trust that inside me there is an invisible Gorgeousness that has the exact the answer I need.  

You too have that same system.

We each have an inner Gorgeous Guidance System that can help us find answers, get through challenges and steer our way towards living a life of delicious creativity. Why not try it out for yourself? Simply …

1. Buy a thick pad of paper and a comfortable pen (not one that makes your hand ache).

2. Commit to spending three months to wake up your Gorgeousness Guidance system.

3. Each morning get up half an hour earlier, then spend this time writing about what is going on in your life … problems, hopes, dreams, ideas, goals etc

4. Finish your writing by imagining that your inner Gorgeousness is replying to you. What would your inner Gorgeousness call you? How does she speak to you? What does he/she have to say about your problems and issues?Don’t try and think about this process, just allow it to come through.

5. How does receiving this guidance make you feel? Is it logical? Does it make sense? If it does, why not try acting upon some of it and see what happens? When you complete your writing, a great way to finish off is by giving thanks to your Gorgeousness Guidance and give thanks to yourself for spending time to get to know your Deeper Self.




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