The Secret To Gorgeous Hands

Hands are gorgeous. They are our power in the world. Our hands have the ability to make things, grow things, create and destroy, touch and heal, push away or draw towards us. Hands are what have made human beings who and what we are. Without our hands we might still be living in trees.

If you want to have truly gorgeous hands, don’t limit them to just looking pretty. Make a cup of tea, put your feet somewhere comfortable (cushion, rug, on the dog or partner’s lap), then begin by treating your hands to an Inner Gorgesousness Pampering ….


1. Explore your hands by drawing around them on a sheet of paper. Fill each hand with words that describe them. Study your hands. What shape are they? Where are the scars and what stories do they tell? How are your hands different from say, 10 years ago? How do you feel about that? Are there any rings? What do those rings symbolise? What have your hands done for you throughout your life?


2. Write a letter to yourself using your non-dominant hand. Notice how slowly and deliberately your non-dominant hand forms the letters … and notice how frustrated and controlling your dominant hand seems to become during the process. It tries to barge in, its seems desperate to take back the pen. Don’t let it. Allow your non-dominant hand to write and see what it has to say.  


3. List 10 things that you love or find interesting about your hands. Thank them for being perfect for you.


4. Make a list of 10 things you’d love to touch before you die. For example, hot sand in the Sahara desert; the cold, fur of a Husky in Finland; the soft, peachy skin of your baby; rough tree bark in an Amazon oasis …


5. Unleash your hand’s true potential. Your hands are your way of touching the world not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. How do you touch the lives of the people around you? How would you like people to remember your touch? Your hands, tattooed with unique finger prints, are completely original. No one else will ever be able to give your essence to the world. If you looked at you hands now and believed they were capable of making an enormous difference to others, what would you have them do?


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