Life Art in the Making

For me, the importance of having dreams – whatever they may be – is not the end product but the journey that takes you there.

It’s not so much moving up onto the next level of your life, but moving deeper into the heart of your Self, closer to expressing the song of your own Gorgeousness. It’s the act of using your artistic birthright to sculpt and perfect your human experience like the clay that it is.

You see, in reality, there is no place “out there” to reach. There is no need to  do, strive, chase or become. Simply Be Who You Are and experiment with making your life reflect your dreams.


This belief that we have been conditioned into – the belief that only when we become something that we will be happy – is the core force behind the Dangling Carrot society that we live in. It’s what keeps us trapped, manipulated, enslaved to act and spend in certain ways. It’s the barrier that keeps us separate from the delicious Gorgeousness of life.

Once you have taken your dreams out of the attic and spent time saying “yes” to them, you will begin to have new ideas for actions you can take. The path ahead will emerge and if you have a brave heart and guts, you may even step onto it. Embarking on this new adventure feels shiveringly exciting, but please don’t get caught in the trap of postponing your happiness until you achieve it.

I spent many many years waiting for the glorious doors of publishing to open up before me and the torrent of happiness to hit. When my first books were published in 2005, the doors did open, but the happiness was short lived. After the initial wave I realised that life felt pretty much the same on the other side. The joy of making your dreams a reality is in the moulding. It’s in pushing your fingers into the paint of your life and smearing it in patterns across a brand new blank canvas.

When you start taking actions towards your dreams, be here, be now. Don’t imagine yourself “becoming” an artist, novelist, designer, inventor, maker of whichever kind, BE one! Act like one. Think like one. Pull your dream into the now, but don’t reach because in reality there is nowhere to reach to.


You are already 100% amazing, gorgeous and deserving of huge contentment and artistic contentment right now. PLay with your day. Make a mess, make art, make it up and pretend your dreams have already come true.


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