Spruce Up Your Creative Dreams

Spring is all about new growth, budding hope and fresh energy.

What better time of year to identify any creative dreams that have been tucked away in the attic or under the bed, dust them down and polish them up?

The first step to identifying these dreams is to get them out of the attic (see Unlocking your Dream Attic)

The next step is to sit with them, play with them and wash them down with the feeling of “yes”.

Saying “yes” gives life to your dreams and hopes.

When we say Yes, we open our hearts and our minds of the possibility of our dreams coming true.

Interestingly, scientific research has shown that when we think positively and say Yes to life, a chemical called serotonin is released in our brain cells. This chemical not only makes us feel better about ourselves and life, but it also acts as a conductor that joins brian cells together and creating a network of whole-brain thought.

The more we think “Yes” the more our mind powerfully works to think of creative ways, designs and strategies that will help us achieve our dreams.

In the same way, when we think No, the doors of our mind and life shut down.  When we say no to people, situations, or opportunities, we shut them out. No’s are good in that they protect us – they withdraw if something isn’t perceived as safe or good and they stake out our boundaries.

However, Compulsive Noers can end up trapped in a tiny world, doors slammed shut all around them, unable to let in new growth and possibility.

When you say “no” or think negatively, a chemical called cortisone is produced in your brain cells. This  chemical is the drug produced when danger is around.

It shuts down your thinking and redirects your energy to your limbs, preparing you to fight or flight. Cortisone acts as a brain cell insulator. It stops free movement of thought so you can focus on survival instead. When you think “no” to your dreams, you shut the door on them.

To spruce up your dreams this spring, you don’t have to DO anything straight away. You don’t have to move out of your comfort zone – or even out of your snug spot on the sofa. Just start practising saying YES to your dreams and welcoming them in.

TRY THIS: Think of all the things that you love in the world and in life. Summon up all of the wonderful stuff that you love to say yes to. How easy is it to say yes to things that bring us pleasure? Take a large sheet of (ideally yellow) card, some pens and paper and now doodle around the sides, all of the items and experiences that you can easily say “yes” to. Leave a fairly large space in the middle of the card and once you have drawn all of your Everyday Yeses, fill the middle space with a picture of you achieving your dream.

Doodling and moodling is a great way to say yes to your dreams. It’s like a form of meditation, whilst activating your creative right brain in drawing the pictures. Once complete, your dream has been given the first form of life – a visual image. Not only that, but it is surrounded by positive “yes!” Put your Dream Sketch somewhere that you will be able to see it every day. When you look at it – feel yourself opening to the joy of possibility.


2 thoughts on “Spruce Up Your Creative Dreams

  1. It’s amazing how difficult everything seems until we say “yes”.
    That one simple word makes everything so much easier, it makes life flow more lightly, doesn’t it? 🙂
    I say we need all the serotonin we can release and “feel ourselves opening to the joy of possibility.” 🙂

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