Unlocking your Dream Attic

I was five years old, sitting in my primary school classroom, gazing at the door whilst all around me, children busily wrote in their books.

We had been asked the question, “What do you dream of being when you grow up?”

My friend Joanna was drawing a nurse with a blue dress. The boy opposite was drawing a pilot and someone else was writing “policeman.”

I couldn’t spell my dream job so I’d asked the teacher. To my surprise, she couldn’t spell it either and had hurried off to ask the teacher in the next classroom. A few minutes later the door opened and she was back. She knelt down beside me and I couldn’t help thinking that she had been laughing about something.

“Okay Bethan. I think this is how it’s spelt… G.N.O.M.O.L.O.G.I.S.T. Gnomologist.”

“Thank you,” I replied brightly and began to write the word down.

“And just tell me again what gnomologists do?”

“They are people what study gnomes,” I replied.

Often I forget that I ever wanted to be a gnomologist. I know that around the age of five I had decided to be a writer, but actually, I wanted to be a gnomologist as well.

I was completely fixated with fairy folk and was determined to go to University and study them when I grew up. My parents, who (bless their hearts) helped me to believe in my dreams, had told me that someone who studied gnomes must be called a gnomologist. So there it was. That’s what I was going to be.

I have always had a great friendship with my dreams, however I’ve learn that to follow them isn’t always the easiest path. Sometimes just working out what your dream is can by tricky. I feel lucky to have found my passion – that thing that makes my heart sing. I feel even luckier that I chose to honor it so that now I live doing what I love.


Even if you don’t know what your dream for life is yet, that doesn’t matter. Simply opening yourself up to finding it, then beginning that journey, is enough to move you along your way.

Today, why not spend some time alone, unlocking the door to your Dream Attic and sorting through some of the boxed up dreams and wishes and hopes that you’ve tucked away over the years?


1. What are you good at? What talents do you display? When I say talents, I don’t just mean being good at art, or writing, or music. It might be that you are emotionally intelligent and great with people. Being an amazing friend is as much a talent as being a good mathematician and will get you a lot further in life. Have you always been good at a certain thing ever since being small? Are you an ideas person, good at selling, great at spotting opportunities? Think back as far as you can and then doodle, or write a list of ideas that emerge.



2. What do you like reading about? Are there any authors or books that you can’t get enough of? Is there anything that inspires you so much that you spend hours reading about it? Which section of the bookshop or library do you make a bee-line for? Note these down. They are great indicators of your heart-felt passions.



3. Imagine that you can go back to being a child again and someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up. In this visualisation, whatever you reply is completely 100% Going To Happen. What do you secretly dream of? You might have some outrageous dream job you’ve always wanted to do — to be a glass blower, an artist, a lawyer, an architect, an ice skater, an entrepreneur, a clothing designer. Don’t let fear or self doubt hold you back. Add your dreams to the list.




4. What excites you now? It may be something you do in your spare time, or something you haven’t done in a long time – or ever! Are there things in your future that excite you or plans you’d love to make, but hold back for some reason? Write these down.


Well done! You have officially excavated the boxes in your Dream Attic and pulled them out into the light of your awareness.

So, what now?

Well, this is spring cleaning month, so tomorrow I thought I would show you how to dust off your secret dreams, get to know them again and start to display them proudly in your life (that’s the spring cleaning term for making your dreams come true). See you then X


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