Spring Clean Your Stories

Stories have power.

Just like old people, old tales are stuffed full of wisdom. Myths and stories speak universal truth, written in symbolic language that speaks to the subconscious mind. The right story, told at the right time, can heal wounds and create transformation in the listener as well as the teller.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With Wolves, believes that she is participating in the story teller legacy. She sees stories as “a medicine that have the power to repair or reclaim that part of the individual that has been lost to the pain of living.”

In today’s world, old stories tumble into the plots of films, movies, books and stories. When we immerse ourselves in a story it allows us to step back, breath deep, reflect with humility and compassion, then move on. We collect our own stories … stories that have had an effect on us, or touched our hearts. Some of these stories serve us and give courage or assist in forgiveness. Other stories keep up trapped.

What stories do you remember from your childhood? Children use stories to help them make sense of their environment. Your views about life and the world will be shaped in part by these early stories.

Which stories did you love the best? Are there any parallels between the themes that run through these stories and your life so far?

Were there any stories you found disturbing?  How did those stories make you feel? Do any of those themes haunt you now?

If you could be an character from any fairytale, who would you choose to be? What is it about this charecter you admire, or did they have the happy ending you wish for? It is recognised that whatever qualities or potential that we see in another, are inherent in us too.

If your life could be written as a fairytale how would you write it? How would it end? Is there any way that you could start living those dreams in your day to day life?


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