Spring Clean Your Knots

Tamara is the Mary Poppins of the Back Massage World.

As you step through the door of her beauty parlour it’s asthough you have just sunken down into a deep pool of lovliness. The rushing, zooming, crunching, yelling, clip-clopping world of the high street is replaced with calm. 

Tranquil music and a sense of peace wraps a soft fluffy towel of Zen around your senses.

Tamara checks her appointment book and smiles.  “Bethan, hi! You’re booked in for a back massage, right?”

“That’s right!”

She’s so casual about what she does. She has no idea that the next half an hour is going to completely change my world by altering my state of being.

On the outside Tamara is all smiles and warmth and floatiness, but the moment you lie down on the bed she gets straight down to business. This girl knows her stuff.  See, I’ve had masseurs who prod your back flakily, almost frightened to press too hard. Others bully your back, pulverising your muscles into submission. But Tamara is pure Mary Poppins.  She’s strict yet kind and takes no muscular prisoners. 

Our bodies and our minds are enmeshed. They are one. There is no denying this fact. When we are mentally tense our body mirrors this and vice versa. What I find incredible is that sometimes it has to get really bad – an ache that won’t go,  stiff neck that won’t soften, a headache that won’t leave, before I book myself in for a session with Tamara. Then afterwards I can’t get over how good I feel. I am shocked about how long I have been living with the discomfort of a knotted back and simply accepted it as normal.

In the same way that we grow used to stiff backs or bad posture that will hurt us long term, we also live with painful situations in our lives … situations that – however uncomfortable – we have grown used to so they feel almost normal. It is only when that role, that job, that relationship is gone, that we realise how much it was hurting.

 Don’t live with your internal knots. Life is too beautiful, too expressive, too there for the taking to walk stiffl, unable to move freely or rhythmically or enjoyably.

If you look at your life now. What shape is it in? Are your days flexible and loose, in tune with your dreams and your inner most needs? Or do you feel wedged into roles, activities, jobs and relationships that crush and misshape your gorgeousness? 

It is Sunday today and for me Sunday means relaxed moodling time, pottering peace and gentle soul balm …

 Find some pens and paper. Let yourself doodle for a while, focusing on all of the different areas of your life. Draw your roles, you activities, your thoughts about you week.

• Where do you feel blocked in your life? Doodle pictures and answers and thoughts.

 • Which people in your life bring you stress, unease, concerns or challenges? Doddle them too.

• Where are you feeling exhausted or burnt out? Doodle, doodle more.

 • Doodle the things you love, the people who uplift you, and the places you like to be.


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