Spring Clean Your Subtle Energies

Ten years ago, when I was in Auroville, I learned a hands-on healing technique that supposedly helps balance and clean up the body’s energetic field.

It was the middle of monsoon season when I got my motorcycle and crawled through the flooding dust roads to the healer’s home. With the rain drumming on the roof and an orchestra of frogs singing outside the window, we drank chai and she taught me all about the subtle energy of the human body.


While many people are skeptical that this energy exists, the scientific fact is that all matter – subtle and gross – is a made up from energy. Starting with Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, modern physics shows us that everything in the universe – including us – is just energy vibrating. The body is made of atoms, which are simply tiny particles whizzing at high speed around empty space. These particles are not solid either, but fluctuating energy and information. 

In India and the philosophy of Yoga, it is understood that the human energetic body does not end where our “physical body” appears to finish. Around the physical body is an electromagnetic field which has been called the “aura.” While it’s not visible to most people, the aura can often be sensed at an intuitive or gut level.



I remember an acquaintance who seemed “grubby” or “sooty looking”. He wasn’t unwashed or scruffy – and he was polite and friendly –  but there was something grimy about him. Later I discovered that although he appeared normal, the man was actually a heroin addict. Another memory I have is of a man who carried very strong emotions. Sometimes he’d walk into a room and bubble over with enthusiasm and passion. Other times he’d come in and you could literally feel the tension and agitation spilling out of him. On those times I’d often walk away feeling tense and ill at ease.

 Have you ever been around someone and walked away feeling really drained and tired? Chances are you have just co-mingled with someone who has drained your subtle energy. On the other hand, you may meet someone, have a chat and walk away feeling completely uplifted having had a positive energy exchange.



That afternoon in Auroville, I learnt that the aura is not a closed system. It is continually exchanging and sharing energy with the energy in the environment. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we are constantly shifting our energies every time we interact with people or the environment. We’re literally living inside an “energy soup” and it’s up to each of us to be responsible and look after our energies.



Do you have any relationships that uplift or tire you? 

Have you ever been to a place and had a very strong sense of atmosphere?

What sort of energy do churches often have?

What can you do to keep your subtle energies clean and refreshed? Here’s how …



1. Sit in a quiet, warm place where you will not be disturbed. Take three long, deep breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Visualize yourself inside a silvery, blue bubble of light. The bubble is all around you. You are contained in it entirely. You are safe in this bubble. Relax and enjoy the sense of peace and serenity.


3. Know that this bubble is always around you. It cannot be burst.


4. Begin to explore the bubble. Are there any dark patches or rips? Are there any places where the light seems diminished?


5. Imagine yourself breathing onto these places and as you breath, the light is restored and the rips are repaired.


6. Imagine the silvery fabric of this bubble thickening and strengthening.


7. Ask that only the lightest, highest, more loving energies pervade your bubble and that all other energies remain on the outside and give thanks for this.


8. Complete this exercise twice a day, morning and evening.


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