New Adventures for Gorgeous Creatives

You and I live in a conventional world, where we are expected to do conventional things. And in this nice, normal, ordinary place we behave in ways that are expected … pleasant, polite and logical.

We do what we have always done; get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast and attempt to get to work on time. Being ordinary works out just fine for most people. Many are content with convention.

But Gorgeousness Living does not spring from The Conventional Box. It comes from a much deeper, wilder, creative place; a strange land of bizarre habits and remarkable potential. 

Do you want to bring more juice, richer vibrancy and life to your art? If you do, it’s an indicator that it’s time to go within, dig out who your really are, then begin expressing those aspects in your life.

 I think that the most interesting, remarkable, destined for greatness, teenager I ever met was a young lad who collected sewing machines. He used his favourite old Singer to make corsets and costumes from the turn of the last century. When he wasn’t designing and creating, he spent time sipping cups of tea with some old ladies who lived up the street. 

What makes this boy different? What makes him a trail-blazer in the making? It’s not that he loves sewing and collecting up bits of history then recreating it in fabric. What makes this boy different is that rather than suppressing his nature and putting himself into a Conventional Box, he has dared to express his Truth, gorgeously   

What delights you? What makes you different? What quirky habits, thoughts and beliefs do you have?

Your work, your life and your Self will start to blossom as you begin to experiment with who you are and what you like. Your thinking will grow more original, which in turn will feed the words you write, the images you paint or the music you compose. So fill your house with old gypsy tambourines if that is what you love. Import your fabrics from India and turn them into curtains! Do something differently and pay homage to the unique-ness of you.


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