Make your creative dreams a reality

I love creative-ness.

It gets my juices going.

When someone tells me that they have a creative dream, I practically leap on them with excitement. Creative dreams have this effect on me because I know how inspiration feels. And when someone else talks of their Art, I start experiencing a kind of Inspiration By Proxy.

In the same way I sense their despondency when they later report that the Creative Dream didn’t make it. Perhaps it didn’t come off. Or they didn’t start it. Or maybe they lost the motivation or simply couldn’t find time.  We can come up with many stories and excuses as to why we didn’t make our creative dreams a reality. These stories can be very interesting and we can embellish them as much as we like. But the truth is, stories are just stories. Over the years I have woven some really epic excuses about why my creative dreams didn’t start or were abandoned half way through. Now I like to create new myths that help nurture and grow my Art instead.

Here are some of these stories. (Feel free to pinch them!)

1. I’m creating this as a gift to myself. Start your project, not with mass production or huge profit in mind, but simply with desire to make something that delights you. When you make from this place, your Gorgeousness will come through and it’s essence will enter your writing/art/sculpture/design. You will love making it, you will love the results and others will naturally experience the Gorgeousness oozing out of your art. 
2. I practice being Divinely Imperfect. Focus on making your art as imperfect as you can. Allow mistakes. Embrace the crossed out bits. Telling yourself the “it’s got to be perfect” story will kill your creativity. Forget worrying about getting it “just right” or you will never experience completion. Imperfectly Whole is better than Perfectly Undone.

3. I relish the simple steps. Simplicity is Zen. Simplicity is essence. Simplicity is simple. When you begin your creative project, start with simple steps. If you focus on the huge amount of time, energy and effort you’ll have to put into your project, the chances are, you’ll give up. Instead make a list of the simple steps that you can take each day that will gradually take you towards completion. So, if you want to write a novel, make your first step buying a gorgeous pad to jot ideas. If you want to redecorate your entire home, start with the bathroom!


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