Nurturing Your Gorgeousness

How do you experience the world?

How do you experience your Self?

Do you wake up in the morning and …

• Think about whether today is the day that you will finally get your diet off the ground and finally lose weight? Or do you feel a great rush of joy at the gorgeousness that you bring to the world?

 • Let your attention jump from one imperfect aspect of your body and self to another, generating feelings of frustration, depression or inadequacy? Or do you focus on all of the smooth, sexy, wonderful, interesting, unusual, rare, gorgeous aspects of your body or self?

• Focus on being older, with less energy and jaded with the world? Or do you focus on being healthy and vibrant and all of the new, colorful things you’ll experience during the day?

 Simple as it sounds, what we choose to focus on will create our experience – of ourselves, our lives, of the world. The challenge is, getting your gorgeous mind off the subject of “my body/self/life isn’t enough” and into the subject of “wow, my bodilicious figure, my artful life and this lush planet are all just perfect!”

Alan Keightley said, “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

You don’t have to continue experiencing the world as something that needs fixing with more money, surgery, face creams or thick wads of foundation. Choose to change your world by changing your focus and begin creating an experience of on-going gorgeousness instead!

Believe In Your Gorgeousness

Our Gorgeousness levels naturally correspond to how gorgeous we believe we are. When you fully focus on your gorgeousness, your subconscious mind will begin to alter your body language, your attitudes, your actions and your habits to align with your new self belief. Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, commit to having a Gorgeousness Day.

Make believe – if you don’t already believe – that today you are a vibrant, juicy, Gorgeous Goddess. Even if you’re gardening, doing the school run, shopping or working at a till, imagine that you are dressed in invisible diamonds. Imagine that beauty itself is pouring out of you. Go about your day, acting as if you are a princess … which is exactly what you are. At the end of your day, write down your experiences.

How was this day different to others? Did people respond differently? What happened? Make a date for another Gorgeousness Day and stick to it. See how your Gorgeousness grows.

Get into Gorgeous Goal Setting

Every minute of every day, you are setting goals. Most of these goals happen at a subconscious level, such as “I am making a cup of coffee” or “put the rubbish out.”

Other goals are conscious … What we want to do with our evening, our week, our month, our life. People who believe in their natural brilliance, focus on goals that make them feel great.

Ask yourself, “what would I do if I truly believed in my gorgeousness?” Would you laugh more …chat more … dance more … throw more dinner parties and tea parties … wear a red bikini … learn to fence … tango, salsa, street dance …? Pick one of your answers and determine to make that your goal. Now focus on it. Imagine yourself achieving it. Keep going until you’ve done it and watch your life begin to unfold.

Keep Your Gorgeousness In Mind From Dawn Til Dusk

Each morning when you wake up, become aware of the thoughts you have. Grab a pen and make a list. Capture them! Don’t let self-destructive thoughts get away with it! Once you have the main culprits by the scruff of the neck, convert these negative thoughts into positive ones.

For example, you could make … “Great, what am I going to wear today that will hide all the pounds I’ve put on” into “Today I will dress in something that will bring out my eye colour, excentuate my amazing legs and express my unique character.” One of the key skills here is learning to recognize the thoughts and make sure you replace them with positive ones. The more positive about yourself and life you become, the more your natural energy will grow in it’s gorgeousness.

There may be times when you think “what’s the point in being positive”, but that’s the queen of all negative thoughts. If you don’t take control and catch your negative anti-gorgeousness thoughts in time, they’ll fester and eat up your natural gorgeousness before the day has even begun.

What are your thoughts about Gorgeousness? Your comments are always welcome!


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