Finding life balance

Today the grass was steaming. The sun beamed down and the weather beaten flower beds and grass were responding by taking a sauna. It’s like everything has given a big sigh of relief. The scales have finally tipped. The cold, murky, dark days are (hopefully) nearly over and will soon to be balanced with new growth, snow drops, blue sky and a kiss of warmth.

I’m ready for it.

Really ready.

For the last few days I have been feeling out of balance. I know when this happens because my thoughts get fuzzy and I’m tired. My creativity and productivity dry up.

So today I dragged a chair into the garden and just sat there, winter bitten and steaming, breathing a sigh of relief alongside the Hydrangeas and Hebe.

Staring, rather dazed at the natural world, I started thinking about how important it is to stay balanced in life. In the natural world there is certain equilibrium – with plants, animals and seasons all interacting and producing a continuous, balanced system for life on earth.

Animals breathe the oxygen produced by plants and the waste, carbon dioxide, is used by plants for photosynthesis. The water cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the control of animal population by natural predators, all allow life to continue in balance.  It’s when things go out of balance that life begins to fall down.

Our lives are like eco-systems. Our roles, actions, activities all intertwine and co-support each other. If we do too much physical exercise and never rest, we will either cause ourselves an injury or end up mentally depleted. If we sit around reading and relaxing too much, our physical health will suffer. Spend too much time working and our families and relationships begin to fail.

Balance is synonymous with living a happy, contented, gorgeous life. The more we can create balance and harmony within the aspects of our life, this will ripple out into our family, our community and eventually even the world. 

What could you do to create more balance in your life?


3 thoughts on “Finding life balance

  1. What a lovely post. You are so right that balance is where it is at. Even if we are doing things that nourish us, taking time to just be is so important. I used to think that if I could spend time in my studio, that was nourishing. But that is still work.
    I have realized that sitting, observing and quieting the chatter in my head is what really works to recharge me. Being in the NOW.
    Great site.

    • I completely agree Mary. I too have believed think that spending all of my time in a creative space is nourishing … and it is … but only when it’s balanced with living in the moment and appreciating all that you have right now … like a sunny day and ladybirds and peace and quiet. Thank you so much … you’re welcome back ANY time! X

  2. I agree very much with you, and I like how you compared the balance in our lives to that of an ecosystem-interesting way of looking at it.

    And although it’s still cold and dreary where I live, I liked reading about the warmth you’re having! It’s a reminder that spring WILL come.

    Balance in my life… Where I’m at now, I’m not sure. But I know that a few months ago even though I was pretty happy, my life was not very balanced. That’s something I want to change.

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