Attitude of Gratitude Training For Kids

What is prosperity?

Do you feel prosperous as a family?

Do you feel prosperous as individuals?  

When I am presenting workshops to children I’ll often expalin prosperity as the experience of “having enough of everything including lots to share.” 

 I explain that one of the best ways to create wealth and prosperity in your life is to appreciate and feel grateful for everything that you already have right now. To attract more prosperity, we have to create an attitude of gratitude. 

Next we get some pens and paper and took it in turns to make a gratitude list. Here’s an example of a nine year old’s gratitude list that I thought was lovely;

I am feeling grateful and thank the Universe for all of these things;   

Our family …. the snug warm rug in the lounge … a cup of hot tea … the trees in the garden … fluffy cushions … my green pen … feeling healthy … our haven house … lots of yummy food … clean water … toys … a garden to play in … our heart-of-the-home log burner … different seasons … sea views through the trees … the telly and Nintendo Wii … laptops and gadgets … garden centres … lamps – because without lamps we couldn’t see … our beds – because otherwise we would have to sleep on wooden planks … lessons we learn from school, life and people … pianos and flutes and lyrics …  love and kindness … our bodies … pens and paper … interesting and unusual words like “exquisite” and “swiftly” … red squirrels … multi cultural ladybirds that live in the window frame … mouths that can whisper, sing, taste, shout, laugh, describe, tell, ask things and say answers … fair trade teabags … winter gloves, garden gloves and pretty party gloves … clothes in general … nice next door neighbours … interesting people … who we are … fluffy snug slippers … the fossils that the old people who lived here before left behind in the garden … black birds … funny things that make you laugh … money and the things that it brings to our life.

When parents and their children work together to make a list such as this, a powerful shift in the home can occur. The children often start to get on better – which creates an environment rich in peace and quiet. Secondly, the normal “pressure to get out and do something with the day” seems to vanish. It feels like everything is enough. We are enough. Just being at home and enjoying “being” is plenty.

What do you have in your life right now that you can give thanks for?

What are the five things you have right now that bring your life a sense of prosperity?


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