Making Time

Right now I’m reading a book called Making Time by Steve Taylor.

Making Time asks questions like, why does time seem to speed up as we get older? Why does time fly when we’re having fun or drag when we’re bored or nervous? How can we learn to expand our sense of time and begin to control it, rather than letting it control us? How can human beings begin Making Time?

Steve Taylor suggests that when our minds are absorbed in the future or the past, which as adults they often are, we are remove from the only real “time” we have – the present moment. And it’s this present moment that can be perceptually shortened or lengthened, depending on our perception of it and what we’re doing. In the indigenous communities of the world,  many tribes (some now gone but studied back at the turn of the century) had no concept of linear time, past or future. They had no WORDS to describe it. These people, living in a much more cyclical world, where events were attached to natural occurrence, occupy the present moment. In the same way, small children are in the present moment. They experience it in such a heightened way that richer memories are created, more brain space is filled and their experience is of longer days and more time.

So, as people, if we want to live longer and create more time in our lives, surely the answer is to get more present to the present moment. The more we do this, the more free we’ll be of time and the more we’ll experience of our lives. Steve Taylor suggests practises like meditation and mindfulness as ways we can connect to Real Time. Today.

Funnily enough, I have to be at a meeting in half an hour. I have a presentation to make and I still need to write up the notes. I started feeling all anxious because I was doing this instead of racing against time. But ha. No way. Instead I’m taking a big deep breath, trusting that I have all the abundance of moments I need to do it …. and yes, well, I’d better go now!


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