Making A Start On Your Art

For some time – months in fact – I have been umming and ahhing over a new book that I want to create. I’ve been mulling it over in my mind, turning it around, imagining myself writing it, imagining what it could say, what it should say, what it will say … if I ever get around to plucking up the courage and approaching it.

I’ve told myself stories about starting the book after Christmas. Now new stories are emerging about making a start once the spring arrives.

Sometimes it feels like I am 13 and my creativity is a person that I’m attracted to, yet am to shy to make friends with. So I watch them from a distance, biding my time.

I write every day professionally, completing everything that I start. Why is it so difficult to meet my own art face to face?  This morning I found myself thinking, I’ll begin this book when …

1. The days get lighter

2. When I have finished making the latest batch of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness books

3. When I have built a beautiful, cushion filled writing den at the bottom of the garden

Yet in reality I know that the only condition that anyone really needs to begin making art is to shed all the fear, the hope, the desire, the pent up energy and just create without judgement or expectation of the outcome. Making Art isn’t about outer conditions, but your inner climate.

Are you struggling to start your creative work?

TRY THIS; Write down all of the things that are stopping you from getting started. E.g. Cleaning the house, sorting out the garden, putting out the rubbish, making a call, finishing that assignment. Put that all in a safe place and promise yourself that you will do it later. Now sit down, take some deep breathes and imagine that you are living in your most perfect creative world.

* What would you be feeling if you REALLY WERE creating daily?

* How would your life be lived if you were FULLY COMMITTED to creating daily?

* Imagine that your Art is RECEIVED LOVINGLY in the world by millions of people. How would this shift your thoughts, your feelings, and your approach to work on a daily basis?

Finally, make believe. Go to your easel, your piano, your chalks, your page and begin from a place that You Are That Person. Make believe like you did when you were small. There is no pressure to produce, just enjoy pretending that the creativity is as natural as breathing. Just take all the pressure off yourself and fake it that you are an artist.

But be warned, the Art you produce in this state will be more authentic and powerful than ever before. By shedding our fixed ideas and expectation we create from a  place of source – from essence – and it is here that masterpieces spring from. I’d love to hear your experiences with this exercise.


2 thoughts on “Making A Start On Your Art

    • That’s great Lea! The beauty of this exercise is that it begins strengthening your self concept as an artist/writer/creative – and the stronger your believe in yourself, the easier it becomes to make your creative dreams a reality. Thanks for your comment X

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