Fox Hunting and Gorgeousness

I once had a conversation with someone who said, “Why is is that the government don’t completely ban fox hunting? Maybe it’s because they like to keep people’s minds occupied on insignificant things. That way they never move forward to the the really significant stuff. Like countless children dying  of hunger in Africa.”

Now, here’s the thing . . . fox hunting repulses me, however when my conversational partner said this, I saw his point. 

The more people focus in on foxhunting and continue fighting that battle, their energy is removed from wider, equally inhumane issues. By having our thoughts distracted and pulled in a certain direction, what else do we lose sight of? Whether the government deliberately keep people distracted by small issues or not, the fact is that our combined focus and energy are powerful forces that could potentially make a real difference.

In life we have three almost magical resources.

*  One of those is our time. Each of us is given more or less, the same amount of time – unless something unfortunate happens. How we choose to SPEND that time influences what we achieve with our life times. We can choose to spend time passively watching what happens in the world via the coach. Or we can choose to use our time being pro-active in the world and make things happen.

* The second resource we have is money. Never before has the individual had as much spending power as now. Where WE decide to put our pound, is where the wealth goes. By spending in Tescos, we flood the power to Mr Tesco and Co, yet by spending in the local green grocer, we return the power to the local person in our community. We all have the power of where we choose to spend our money. 

* The third resource that we all have, right NOW, is our energy and focus. This is the most vital, crucial, POWERFUL resource of all. Our energy – or our focus – is what drives WHERE we spend our money and what we DO with our time. If we are constantly focusing on wanting or needing a certain thing, our time and money will be poured into that issue. If we are constantly chasing the Danging Carrot of “Maybe We’ll Ban Fox Hunting Completely”, we miss the wider issues such as “Starving Children” and planting seeds for that cause. When our energy is focused and channelled solely on insignificant things, how can we ever achieve the significant?

How much of YOUR ENERGY and FOCUS is channeled into trying to achieve more beauty, your ideal weight, perfect skin?

How much of YOUR time is wasted by worrying that you aren’t good enough, slim enough, interesting enough, funny enough, confident enough?

How much of YOUR money is spent on products, magazines, faddy diets and other miracle cures to give your back your gorgeousness?

By chasing the Dangling Carrot of Ideal Beauty that is held up via the the media, magazines, cosmetic companies and beauty sellers, your energy and focus is funnelled. Your time and your money is harvested. Your self worth and and your self love is restored momentarily . . . before it is snatched away again. Then the cycle continues and your mind is enslaved.

Just imagine what the women of the West could achieve in the world if they united and chose to turn away from the Dangling Carrot of Ideal Beauty!

Just imagine what amazing GOOD we could do if we reclaimed our focus from the images of ideal beauty and instead focused it on how GORGEOUS we already are RIGHT NOW!

The question is, while surrounded by the Dangling Carrots of the Marketing World – are we powerful enough to actually start Growing Our Own Gorgeousness instead?


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