A Future Without Chocolate?!?!?!

Our bodies mean a lot to us.

They bring us pleasure and pain. They are the soft, organic matter through which we experience the world. They are also a reflection of how we choose to live our lives.

I have an ongoing sparring relationship with my health. We are at opposite ends of the jousting rod. I want to be fit and healthy, but I have a deep seated compulsion to fill my body with chocolate, sweets, breads and caffeine. I know that when I am in a place of health, my wellbeing and my sense of Gorgeousness is empowered, but I battle perpetually with craving for food and the disempowerment that this brings.

What is it about food that becomes so much more than simple sustenance?

Why do so many of us have such a rocky love/hate relationship with what we put in our mouths?

Why is it that when I’m stressed I’ll eat bread?

When I’m feeling homely I’ll eat cake?

Why does life suddenly seem dark, dull, gloomy and boring when I imagine a future life without chocolate?

 I believe that when we lose our sense of Gorgeousness and fears of not being good enough replace it, we start seeking good feelings from “out there”.  This could be food, drugs or other negative, limiting habits or behaviours. When our own inner sweetness/beauty/sense of perfection is lost, we become addicted to trying to fill that hole, replacing the rich sweet beauty that we crave from ourselves and life . . . in food. This then turns into a love/hate relationship.

We eat the food, experience the pleasure, but then make ourselves guilty bad or wrong for doing it. We treat chocolate (or whatever Gorgeousness replacement vice we prefer) like a prostitute. One minute we are shunning the thing, disgusted by it and resisting our urge to go and have a passionate, overwhelming binge. Then after we have given into our desires and munched a whole packet of chocolate digestives, we then blame the biscuits!

“The danish made me do it!!!”

“The buns are the baddies!”

“ The handfuls of cereal seduced me again!”

Yet it’s us who beckon, nudge, tug and pull these substances into our bodies. We choose to eat them, then blame them for making us do it!

I believe that when a person cultivates their inner Gorgeousness, when their souls become Sweet, Succulent Pleasure Personified, they will never crave food that is detrimental to the health. If someone discovers the unequalled pleasure of Being Themselves, they would only consume the foods that sustain the body. Isn’t it interesting that the foods that we never crave have no emotional attachment for us? I have never in my life craved cabbage. Or broccoli. Or rice. Yet these foods are the ones that actually give us health, vibrancy and lightness of being.

 If you would like to free yourself from compulsive eating, follow these three simple steps;


• Write a list of foods/substances/habits that you find compulsive.


• Ask yourself what do these food/habits mean to you? What feelings of wellbeing do they seem to offer? Ie, Cigarettes – freedom, independence, liberation, lightness, or Alcohol – release, confidence, boost, energy or Competitiveness – power, determination, separation, personal identity


• Go through your list and recognise that all of these feeling already exist WITHIN you. All you need to do is re-member them. Do these three steps and repeat them each time you reach for that food/habit/substance. You may not STOP eating the things altogether, but you will certainly cut down and reclaim your conscious choice once again. You will realise how the world can still remain a sumptuous place full of deliciousness without chocolate. The real  deliciousness was inside you all along!


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