Three Steps Towards Gorgeousness

The first step towards creating a Gorgeous experience of your self, life and others is to begin within cultivating Gorgeousness within yourself. Everything that you experience in your outer life is the direct result of what you experience in your inner life. That is why, to make this Christmas a truly gorgeous one – where you look, feel and express dazzling gorgeousness, you need to fist cultivate that on an inner level.

Numero Uno – Pamper your gorgeous Self

The first step towards gorgeousness is feeling a sense of comfort and peace with ourselves. Because gorgeousness is all about self love, self nurture and self celebration of who you re RIGHT NOW, it’s important to demonstrate those things to your body and soul. Allocate a few hours this evening to a proper pamper session. As you sink into a hot, bubbly bath, breath deeply and focus on relaxing. Release all of your fears, worries, anxieties that usually preoccupy your mind. 

Numero dos; Reconnect to your own unique gorgeousness “look”

Unless you know what your idea of gorgeousness is, you won’t know what it is you are looking to experience. Our internal navigation system – the subconscious mind – needs an image of what you desire, if you are to begin experiencing it. Once you are feeling really relaxed and cleansed, wrap yourself up in a warm dressing gown and sit somewhere quiet. Imagine yourself on Christmas day looking, feeling and expressing yourself as if you were TRULY gorgeous. How would you smile? How would you stand? How would you enter a room and express yourself to others?

Create a vivid, shiveringly gorgeous picture of that in your mind. Now tell yourself that you are already that gorgeous person, because YOU ARE! The sooner you begin to realise that, the more you will become like that and the ultimately you will experience yourself like that.

Numero tres;  Focus on vibrancy, health and well being

It’s well known that whatever you focus on you will get more of. Have you ever woken up in a bad mood and the more cranky you feel, the more problems occur, the more your stress levels sour and the fouler your mood becomes? The reason this happens is because of the way the subconscious mind works. Because our brains are bombarded with thousands of pieces of data, every second, our subconscious mind will deliberately only filter some of them into our awareness. The way it knows what information to filter in is by referring to what we are consciously focusing on. So, if we’re thinking “I am stressed. God, I am SO stressed!”, we’ll filter in more evidence to support our feeling of being stressed . . . ie, kids arguing, kitchen messed up – again, cats under your feet, fill in the missing blank.

However, once you know how the brain works, you can consciously choose to focus on what you want. So instead of thinking, “Oh my God, look at this body! Look at these wrinkles. Look at my scraggy hair!” you can focus on “Actually, my hair is a lovely colour. My body is curvy and sensual. My face expresses the beauty of Who I Am.” The more you focus on looking for your own, natural, unique gorgeousness, the more you will begin to see it.  

Each time you look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of yourself, think a positive thought. Make it into a game. How many great things can you find about your inner and outer self? Have a laugh with yourself . . . Start enjoying your own company.


3 thoughts on “Three Steps Towards Gorgeousness

  1. Hi Bethan, thank you sooooo much, just what I need to hear right now – I’m going to try your techniques out and feel my gorgeousness arise from within!

  2. Hi Bethan
    I had to laugh. I had just returned back to office, after a rather frustrating morning, frustrating few days…thinking I am stressed. I am So stressed. Outside messed up again. Conservatory messed up again. Landing messed up again etc etc…. and now I am laughing.
    Thanks for cheering up my day… its good to get present to those sooooooooo negative thoughts and turn ithem around.
    Well done you!
    Now about to have a wonderful 20 minute pampering meditiation, after having played a round of golf with Freddie on the Wii. Me saying ‘if I say I can I can’.
    Lv J xx

    • Haha. That’s great! It’s miraculous just how that focus thing works. The last day I was feeling really negative/stressed, I even managed to start attracting other stressed people. After parking badly – following a row – I returned to the car to find a bus driver hadn’t been able to get past. He’d left a note (scribbled on a bus ticket) which read: “You selfish moron!” At that point I started to cry with hopelessness and laughter. My bad mood was broken

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